February 16, 2016

You Are So Enough

This week we’re doing a really fun collaboration – an instagram giveaway, actually – with some orgs/brands that I love. And it got me thinking.

You can see the details here, but we’re giving away these 4 rad tees from Mulberry Press Company, Be Still Clothing Company, Unlock Hope, and SYS (that’s us!). We’re also giving away The Stitch kit. Plus, note that each of these tees already has The Stitch sewn in.  🙂

What I really dig about this is that, yeah, each brand has a cool product – but it goes far deeper than that. I was thinking about the “You Are So Enough” tee by Mulberry Press Co and about how this is something that every human being – even if they don’t admit it – wrestles with.

This is something I wrestled with in a big way before I shared my story a few years back. Because, from my perspective. I had this secret I’d never shared, and if anyone learned the truth about me, they’d know that I wasn’t who they thought I was.

But, really, who among us doesn’t occasionally have thoughts that they’re not good enough, not smart enough, not like the person next to them who seemingly has it all together? We all do. Whether you’re a business person comparing yourself to that other slightly more successful business person, a student comparing yourself to that other student who seems to cruise through school with no problem, or an athlete who’s just not quite as top notch as that other guy. We all experience this.

A core message of ours is that you – yes, you – are infinitely valuable, and that no one (not even you) can ever do anything to change this. It’s simply truth.

So, I love that each of these tees – “You Are So Enough”, and “We Are The Change”, and “Come As Your Are” – speaks to the heart of Speak Your Silence, and the fact that you possess immeasurable worth.

If you dig these shirts (my wife sure does!), you can take part in this rad giveaway – details are on our Instagram.