June 2, 2016

Why Are Your Part Of This?

The issue we address – child sexual abuse – is a tough one.  It’s so personal, so weighted, and so delicate.

I’ve always believed that those who are part of our work, who wear The Stitch and who push our vision forward, are bold individuals. And, for a number of reasons that I could explain over many blog posts.

Not everyone is willing to align with our cause, which makes me all the more appreciate of each of you who do.

What I find, too, is that it’s so important for us – and for me personally – to be reminded often of why this work must happen. It’s so necessary for me to hear people’s stories, to hear how gaining their voice changed their lives, or to hear how a simple bit of encouragement from a friend made all the difference.

So, I’m curious, why are you part of this? Why do you care? Why do you wear #The Stitch?


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