March 22, 2016

Today’s Lucky Number is 10,000!


Does this number mean anything to you?

Think. Think really, really hard.

Just kidding, you’ll never guess it. 😉

First, a confession: I just realized today that The Stitch officially turned 2 years old last Friday!  That’s an exciting milestone.

When we first launched The Stitch, we did so with our first product, The Stitch kit. It was a really awesome concept and people loved it. It came in a small clamp jar, was hand-packaged, and was just creative and rad.

We did this because it was a way to scale The Stitch without requiring us to be physically present to help sew The Stitch into people’s clothes.

In that regard, The Stitch kit was a big success.  The problem, though, was that they took FOREVER for volunteers to assemble. So slow. And, by that, I mean SO SLOW!

Not only that, but they sold for $20, which is a lot. And, being in a glass jar, they were super expensive to ship.

So, 6 months after launching The Stitch kit, we’d sold approximately 500 glass jar kits, and I decided it was time we recreate it in a more affordable bite-sized version.   That’s when we came up with the little matchbox version that we sell today.

As it turns out, this was one of the best moves we ever made. The new kit now sold for $5, which was way more affordable. But, what it also meant was that people could now afford to purchase multiple and share them with their friends.

And, it just so happens that sharing The Stitch is the most important thing about The Stitch.  🙂  If The Stitch spreads, our mission to conquer the stigma of child sexual abuse is fulfilled at every step.

Well, as of the past few weeks, we’ve crossed a milestone far more important than 2 years – we’ve now sold more than 10,000 of The Stitch kits! 10,000 individuals have now physically held The Stitch kit in their hands.  Imagine how many more have been reached by our message.

Pretty exciting milestone and I’m grateful you’re already part of it.  🙂

If you already have it, we’d love to see your pics! Be sure to post them online using #TheStitch hashtag!


If you’d like The Stitch kit for yourself and those you love, you can get it here.