August 20, 2020

Remember How Valuable You Are

Hi there! I’m Matt. 🙂

It used to be that just the thought of sharing my story with anyone terrified me. And I mean TERRIFIED. It’d make my heart pound and could ruin my entire day. And that was simply at the  thought of *maybe* sharing.

Those days are far, far behind me, and I sincerely thank God for that. But, when I was in the midst of them – and they lasted for 20 years – it felt like I’d never get past them. 

Well, I’m here to encourage you. I was sexually abused by a family friend when I was 6 years old. And, coming from the amazing family that I do, I was so afraid that if they found out what I had done (I thought it was my fault)… they’d never look at me the same way again.

But this all changed in my mid-twenties when I finally recognized the impact this experience had had on me. I shared with my parents, went to a counselor, and everything changed in my life.

And all this led to me starting Speak Your Silence. So that you can have the same freedom I gained. 

I shared about it in this talk at TEDx Emory a few years ago. It all comes down to value and worth. If we each know how valuable we are… it changes everything. And that’s what everything at Speak Your Silence boils down to. 

We believe that you rock. Seriously. And your life can absolutely rock too. 

Good things are ahead for you, my friend! 🙂


PS – People typically try to look really important and impressive in TEDx talks. I find it pretty amusing that I was on my back with the flu for 5 solid days leading up to this talk, leaving me a squeaky ball of sweat to present. It’s good to stay grounded. 🙂 Oh, also, they edited my opening statement – so, if it makes no sense to you… well, that’s because it makes no sense. 🙂