April 19, 2016

The Fam Saved The Day!

A year ago right now we had 50+ people sitting on a waitlist to receive counseling through our program. And I hated the thought of people waiting.

And, we were running out of counseling funding, to boot.

So, a year ago today – a couple hours ago, in fact – we launched what is called The Fam! And, one conversation at a time, you guys changed everything for us – and, more so for our grantees!

My family helped cover the cost of counseling at a time when I simply couldn’t afford it. And it changed my life. So, each member of The Fam takes on the same role in the lives of each of our counseling grantees as my family played in my story.

Hence, “The Fam”.  🙂

Well, we’re now officially a year in, not a single person has sat on a waitlist since we launched The Fam, and we don’t intend to ever see anyone sit on one again!

I figured that if we gave people a really simple way to tangibly make a real impact, they would. And, by “they”, I mean YOU!  🙂

Membership is $5+ per month. In one year, at $5 a month, you fund one counseling session for someone who couldn’t otherwise afford it on their own.  🙂

Today, we have 175 members. We aimed for funding 500 counseling sessions last year via The Fam. We didn’t fully hit our goal directly through The Fam, but we far surpassed that, thanks to one-time gifts + profits from The Stitch.

Demand for counseling continues to grow, though, which means we need The Fam to continue to grow!  🙂  I hope you’ll be part of it.

For those of you who already are, a sincere, heartfelt thank you from me (and behalf of each grantee you’ve blessed)!  🙂

Holy cow, I use a lot of smiley faces when I type.


Become the newest member of The Fam!!

*If you’re already a loyal member of The Fam (thank you!!) and would like to increase the amount that you give each month, just shoot us an email at info@speakyoursilence.org!  🙂