March 1, 2016

TEDxEmory Was Fantastic!

What an honor to speak at TEDxEmory at Emory University in Atlanta this past weekend!

For one, the event was full of really great speakers – each of whom had a very unique and powerful story to share. But, also, the crowd was awesome… and the team of students who organized it was incredible.

I shared the stage and became friends with the amazing Zainab Ghadiyali (software engineer at Facebook) who spoke about her experience as a woman working in tech, and the importance of asking people what they’re most proud of; with Daniel Horowitz Garcia (regional manager at StoryCorps), who gave such a neat talk about creating a usable history; and with Carine MacCandless, who spoke about her life and the legacy of her brother, Chris, portrayed in the book-turned-film Into The Wild.


It’s also worth mentioning that Idaho is the only state that was referenced twice throughout the day – and, no, I only mentioned it one of those two times!  🙂

It was so fun to take that stage and share my heart with everyone there. What we do at Speak Your Silence is focused on child sexual abuse, of course – but, as I often say, our message is one that is so important for every single person. We each possess infinite worth; a message that every single person needs to hear.

Doing a TEDx talk was a great honor – but, honestly, there’s no other TEDx talk I would have rather done than TEDxEmory. It’s student run, and that team of rockstars blew it out of the water! There are about 50 students on the committee, and I am just so impressed by how professional, prepared, and cool they all were. They treated us speakers like royalty and they obviously take great pride in their event – because it was just plain fantastic.


Cheers to the TEDxEmory team for putting on such an impressive event! I’m so honored that you invited me to be part of it. Cheers, you 50 new friends of mine!

And a special shout out to my friend, Mackenzie Aime, for making it all possible for me to be there. Mackenzie, you are the best.  🙂