August 9, 2016

Special Delivery

I love that although we all go through tough things in life that hurt us, none of these experiences have impact on our worth.

I hear from a lot of people – both in person and over email – who tell me their stories of being sexually abused as kids. And, just like in my own experience, it typically impacts them at their core and plants a lie in their heart that hits directly on their worth.

We all question our value and worth at times. We think that because this happened or because I did that… I’m bad, I’m not worthy of love, I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy of that job, I’m not good enough to date that person… you fill in the blank. Such devastating messages… all rooted in a nasty lie.

We may not even think these things consciously. I didn’t. It can be so subtle that we believe it to be true without even questioning it.

Lies are always subtle like that. After all, if they weren’t subtle, we would see them for what they are and we wouldn’t believe them in the first place. Lies are always disguised as truth.

I’m encouraged when I see people wearing The Stitch, because it’s a bright, warm symbol – both literally and figuratively – that delivers truth into hearts that so desperately need it.

That’s a pretty special delivery to make in the life of someone you love dearly, isn’t it?


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