February 16, 2017

Speak Your Silence Appoints Dan Harrington as Board Chair

Today is a big day, because after more than a yearlong search, Speak Your Silence has appointed Dan Harrington to fill Liz Thompson’s seat as our Board Chair!

For nearly three years, we’ve been incredibly blessed to have an amazing (and brilliant) person, Liz Thompson, lead Speak Your Silence’s Board. I first met Liz when she was serving as the Global President of Susan G Komen for the Cure, and she was gracious enough to spare 30 minutes of her precious time to lend me advice.

A year later, Liz became my mentor and eventually joined SYS’ Board as our Chair. Liz has played an incredible role in our development (and mine), and I’m thrilled that she’ll continue to provide counsel by serving on our National Advisory. She’s the best.

Liz had this to say: “As the Chair of the Board, I’ve been honored to stand with Matt Pipkin as he created the vision, messaging, and programmatic support for Speak Your Silence. When people learn about what we do, and learn about the support that is there for them, we see lives totally transformed. People leave the stigma of childhood sexual abuse behind and embrace the full lives they were meant to live. Matt’s courageous action is igniting this mission. Today, I’m delighted to welcome Dan Harrington to SYS. As a dynamic leader in the finance/technology space, I know he is going to be a great thought partner for Matt and will provide the strategic thinking and leadership needed from the next Chair to help us truly take SYS to an expanded national stage.”

Big hugs to you, Liz! Thank you for being so generous to me and to SYS. 🙂

Now, meet our new Board Chair, Dan Harrington! Dan is the President/CEO of MaxGiving and NLP Secure and has been providing the marketplace payment technology for over 20 years with a group of closely-knit and collaborative companies and partnerships.


I’ve known and respected Dan for almost 10 years now, primarily through many run-ins at the coffee shop, and I’m thrilled to now welcome him as our new Chair. We’re a strategic, business-minded organization and place high value on innovative thinking and heart for our mission. So, it was clear to both Liz and me that Dan was the right person for this important role when we had lunch back in October.

Dan had this to say about his new role: “I am humbled and honored to accept the invitation to serve as Board Chair of Speak Your Silence. For years, as a bystander, I have experienced the growth and impact of SYS throughout the nation and beyond, and I am thrilled that I am now able to roll up my sleeves to be a direct and integral part of bringing SYS to a new level of awareness and positive influence in our society. To be able to be a part of the organization and movement SYS that provides a pathway to healing and breaking the cycle of abuse is of immeasurable blessing to me personally, and one that I commit to share with others and strategically multiply using my leadership, network, and resources. We are blessed to be a blessing. Through contributing my time, treasure, and talent to SYS, I am overwhelmed with excitement for our future as an organization and the blessings that will be experienced for many generations.”

Our goal for 2017 is for 100,000 people to be wearing The Stitch by year-end. We’re in for an exciting and full year!

Welcome to the Board, Dan. I’m honored and eager to have you play such an important role. 🙂


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