May 26, 2016

Seen #TheStitch While Out and About?

A year ago, while at Home Depot, an employee recognized The Stitch on my vest and said, “Oh, The Stitch! I have The Stitch kit sitting next to my computer at home.”

That was an exciting moment because it was the very first time that someone I’d never met recognized it – and even knew the name “The Stitch”. The fact that she even owned the kit still kind of blows me away.

Well, last week at church I bumped into an awesome supporter of ours (her name is Katy) who said, “Someone noticed my husband, Bud, wearing The Stitch last week and said, ‘The Stitch! Nice!’”

I LOVED hearing that.

The fact that people are recognizing it more and more and are able to use it to spark dialogue… is what it’s all about.

Have you seen someone wearing The Stitch out and about? I want to hear your story!  🙂