October 11, 2017

“A visible reminder that I have a voice” -Robin

What makes our work so rich is the people who are part of it.  I often say that Speak Your Silence has the best supporters in the world, and I say it because of how deeply our supporters (that you!) care about our mission.  Huge hearts.

We asked one of our loyal supporters, Robin, to share a bit about why she champions our cause by wearing our orange zigzag stitch. 🙂


First and foremost, I wear the stitch zigzag as a visible reminder to ME that I have a voice and that I’m allowed to use it. After being silent for so many years, there is freedom in realizing that my voice can now be used to speak Truth – to encourage others, to raise awareness, to help educate, to speak a message of hope and healing, etc.

Wearing the stitch reminds me that I am not alone and that there are many others who stand with me. I gain courage from other survivors who have spoken up and out, sharing their stories, educating the public, encouraging others. My voice joins with their voices, and our voices gain strength together. Together we can change the stigma of sexual abuse, change the conversation, change the statistics.

I also wear the stitch as a symbol to others that I’m a safe person to talk to about sexual abuse. If others choose to tell me their stories, they can know they’ll be met with a listening ear, empathy, love, understanding, and acceptance.

The stitch can also be used as a conversation starter. As people see it on my clothes or personal items, they can ask questions, which gives me opportunities for advocacy and prevention awareness. As childhood sexual abuse becomes an accepted topic of conversation, we can help others understand the need for prevention, as well as for victim support.


If you’d like to join Robin in being a voice by wearing the stitch zigzag, click here.