April 17, 2018

Our New BUS-iness Plan!

We’re BUStling with excitement about our new BUSiness plan!  🙂  Even if you watched the video, I wanted to share more details with you!

(*Quick note – please excuse the wonky formatting on this post!)  🙂

We’ve always done things a bit differently around here – and I knew it was time to have more physical presence… but in a very unique, fun way.

In January, I was wrestling with 3 questions:

1) Instead of hosting a boring annual gala (which also limits us to one location) – which I simply don’t see SYS doing – what can we do to create opportunities to share our mission with a whole lot more people… and in REAL LIFE?

2) Our cause – sexual abuse and assault – is so tough.  So, how can we inject a whole lot more FUN into the mix?  Fun is an important ingredient for success with such a serious cause.

3) What can we do that we can REPEAT in other cities across the country?

Restaurants regularly reach out to collaborate and donate a percentage of daily sales to us, and they typically like us to be physically present with a booth (because… that’s what nonprofits do).  And, let’s face it… booths are boring and no one wants to approach a booth about sexual abuse and assault.  I don’t.

So, I met with my friend, Danielle, (owner of Sona Events and The Fundraising Method) to ask for advice.  She said, “I don’t see you hosting big events.  Your cause is very personal and you’re a person who likes reaching people one-on-one.  I have an idea for you: Buy a VW bus!”  She continued, “You can brand it with the stitch zigzag down the side, turn it into a pop-up shop/event venue that you can take to any event known to man, and you can share your mission, meet new people, and sell product, while having a very ‘instagrammable’ billboard racing around town.”

I instantly loved the idea.  I knew that we could have an option for supporters to “book the bus” for private fundraising parties for a minimum fundraising commitment.  And, on other days, we could take it to Saturday markets, festivals, music events, schools, churches, you name it.

It’s a super fun way to break the ice and allow us to share our mission with a whole lot more people + sell a lot more of our product.  It also solves the restaurant partnership problem, as we can now say “yes” and simply park the SYS bus out front and be a ready-made event!

So, I then met with my friend Kirsten – an interior designer and popular blogger who owns Simply Grove – and asked her, “Kirsten – will you partner with us to help design the layout of this thing and share it with your readers?” She responded with, “I LOVE THIS IDEA!  Yes!”  🙂

And then I met with my buddy Shawn, owner of Iron Timber, and asked him if he could help build a custom steel/wood shop experience to fit into this bus.  He loved it too and started sketching out ideas on the spot.


Our plan is to staff our VW bus with warm, fun, bubbly people who will man the bus, book events, and have it constantly on the move, sharing our mission.

The best part:  This VW bus will not be for touring the nation.  Rather, it will serve as our PILOT, and once we get it all dialed in, we intend to get MORE VW buses to have based in other cities around the country!  I’m envisioning an SYS VW bus based in every major city, and able to make short trips for events in smaller cities nearby!

Coachella?  Check!  SXSW?  Check!  Super Bowl?  Yeah, why not?!

This is a much bigger idea that one VW bus in one city or touring around the country, folks.  This is a plan for us to have a physical presence everywhere, making real, personal impact in people’s lives.

Now, to brass tacks.  We genuinely need your help to get this done.  Our goal is to raise $10,000 to buy a VW bus, restore it, brand it, and build a custom shop display.  As of today, we’ve raised $3,000 – so, we have a ways to go. We need your help to #FundTheBus!! 

This BUS-iness plan has proven very popular with resoundingly positive response.  So, I’m asking you if you can help us by donating $20.  It might not sound like much to you, but it is to us.  Every single dollar helps.

Let’s do this!!

To donate and help #FundTheBus, CLICK HERE!