January 18, 2016

Motivated By Truth

Truth is something we talk about a lot at Speak Your Silence.

In fact, it’s the reason why SYS exists in the first place.

I’m in the midst of planning a couple speeches that I’m going to give in February and March. So, per my typical routine, I’m slowly mulling over the objectives of my talks, the main points, and the deliveries.

Given the nature of Speak Your Silence, when I begin to plan a talk, I tend to assume that I’m going to talk about having a voice and/or being a voice. And, while this is a key part of our mission, it doesn’t fully answer the question of why we exist.

For twenty years of my life, as a result of what happened to me at age six, I believed a very simple but poignant lie about myself. The lie: “I’m bad.”

I was sexually abused as a kid, and at the hands of my much older “friend”. Thus, I saw myself as an accomplice rather than a victim (*note – I no longer consider myself a victim, however, I was at one time). Therefore, although I didn’t know what to call what we were doing, what I did know was that it was bad. And, since I was part of it, I was bad.

Pretty simple. Also, pretty devastating.

When you spend your life viewing yourself through the lens of an all-encompassing lie like this, it takes its toll.

This is why counseling was so important for me. My counselor, Swede, brought truth to my life. He helped me recognize that the negative things I’d (unknowingly) believed about myself for all these years… were lies. Plain and simple.

Because these lies were so imbedded in my heart, it had never occurred to me that so many of the things I believed about myself were simply not true. When this light turned on – not only in my mind, but more importantly, in my heart – it changed everything. Truth had finally entered my heart and replaced these nasty, awful lies I’d always believed about myself.

This is what changed my life. I finally recognized that the truth about me is that I possess infinite worth. I am innately infinitely valuable, and there’s absolutely nothing you or I can do to change this. Nothing.

You can imagine how life altering this was for me. It was completely healing and completely freeing.

This is my motivation in everything that Speak Your Silence does. Having a voice is an important and powerful thing, but a voice is merely a medium through which to share truth and discover truth.

So, as I begin to prepare for my upcoming talks, I’m focusing on the core reason that this all started in the first place: Truth.

Truth is unchangeable, is real, and is so, so freeing.

Discovering your voice is such a powerful and important thing, and something I would never discount.

However, I believe the most important thing that Speak Your Silence, as an organization, or I, as a human being, can do is deliver truth (with love) into people’s lives.