May 19, 2016

Meet Murph, The Newest Member of Our Office (the desk, not the dude)

Q: What do you do when your office begins to burst at the seams, leaving room for either you (meaning me) or volunteers, but not really both?

A: You sucker your buddy into building an incredible “murphy desk”!

Yep. A few weeks back I hit up my pal, Matt Ward (co-founder of Iron Timber), asking if he could simply chop a piece of wood that I’d use to build a desk. He agreed. (He’s the dude who built the incredible butcher block desk we’ve had in the office for the past year.)

Then, on my way to his place, I swung by Home Depot and called him and asked, “Ward, what kind of wood should I get?” And he said, “Hmm… Well, I have some black walnut if you want to use that.”

And then I show up at his place, expecting to simply chop a piece of wood and then go on my merry way, to then build, sand, and finish this new desk. Instead, it turned into me standing and watching Ward build this thing, with me occasionally lifting one hand to help move a piece of wood.



In fact, I ate a hamburger (compliments of his wife, Alicia) while watching Ward build my desk for me.  (You can see the evidence on the red plate behind Ward in the shot above.)

It was the perfect situation, now that I think of it.  🙂

And, what was the result? The coolest desk ever! We needed something that could fold up and be moved out of the way in a small office that gets shuffled around frequently. So, Ward built it on hinges to fold up and secure to the wall, just like a murphy bed.




Brilliant, right?!

I’m pumped. It’s such a good looking desk and will help me stay out of the way of our awesome volunteers, while also allowing me to focus in the midst of the madness.  🙂 We’re in the middle of a big production of The Stitch kits right now, so this is the perfect solution to one of the many great problems that come along with Speak Your Silence’s growth.


So, here’s to our longtime and loyal donor and supporter, Matt (and Alicia) Ward, for building yet another amazing desk for us (and for supplying me with hamburgers while observing Ward do the work)!  🙂


(Scroll down for more photos!)