May 6, 2016

Made in America!

When I first considered expanding The Stitch into a clothing line, I decided that we’d either do it with excellence or we wouldn’t do it at all.

I’m not a believer in half-measures, especially with a mission like ours that requires (and deserves) excellence in order to be truly effective.

I didn’t know a thing about clothes or fashion when I began. To be honest, most of my clothes come from Christmas and my birthday (thanks, wife and mom!), both of which, lucky for me, are about 6 months apart.

I began researching, thinking we’d perhaps buy wholesale shirts from a company like American Apparel or similar and make it our own. However, this just didn’t jibe with me. If we’re going to create our own clothing line… I believe it should genuinely be our own clothing line, and not someone else’s line with our stamp on it.


So, I did my homework and reached out to a handful of clothing designers and manufacturers. A few didn’t much acknowledge SYS’s mission, which was the first thing I took note of, and I knew we weren’t a fit.

However, when I heard back from a gal named Kathryn, the founder of a young small batch production company, Good Clothing Company, based on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, I knew immediately that I wanted to work with her. She instantly connected with our mission and she flat out was the best person I’d reached out to.  (PS – click on that link – I made it onto their website!)  🙂

In six months time, we went from a first conversation over email to launching The Stitch clothing line. But, not only that – we sought out premium quality, ethically made fabric, and our line was made by hand by the amazing team on Cape Cod.

My wife says I’m “particular” (and she’s right… just ask anyone who works with SYS on virtually anything).  Well, I’m wearing our men’s gray pocket crew today (with The Stitch hand-sewn into the pocket), and even I love it!  It’s the most comfortable shirt I own.


I take great pride in our products.  We’re not in the business of pedaling junk for the sake of raising money for our cause.  No, we create premium quality products that are jam packed with meaning, which makes our mission and message exponentially more sharable (which… is what it’s ALL about).  We’ve found that you all seem to love The Stitch, and then you fulfill our mission on our behalf by sharing it with everyone you know and love.  🙂

It’s the power of a simple, meaningful symbol full of hope.  Thank YOU so much for sharing it – you truly drive our success and impact.

The icing on the cake is that 100% of the profits fund in-person, one-on-one counseling nationwide for those directly affected by child sexual abuse – the very thing that changed my life a few years back.   🙂

The Stitch classic tee comes in various styles and colors in both men’s and women’s sizes.  You can get yours here!

Thanks so much for being such an important (and awesome) part of this.