January 31, 2017

Isabella: “I wasn’t alone”

SYS: Why does wearing The Stitch matter to you?

Isabella: Being a victim of sexual abuse you automatically feel that you are different from others. A mixture of shame, loneliness, and feeling used. There are many moments where I felt as if I was the only one and that I was the one to blame for all of it. It wasn’t until I started to share bits and pieces of my story that I found out, I wasn’t alone and that there are so many more of us out there.

I found my healing through dance: As a dancer the only time I felt completely comfortable was in dance class, letting my emotions run wild and expressing my feelings through moves and music. This is such an incredible feeling and I knew that it would help others as well, so I started to share my passion with other young girls who experienced similar situations.

I was in Thailand teaching dance to young girls, when I learned about Matt’s story and I felt an instant connection. The passion to help others and find strength and joy in it, spoke strongly to me. I believe #TheStitch is building a much needed platform for survivors so that we can speak up, share our story and end the stigma of sexual abuse for once and all.

#TheStitch is my daily reminder that we can change the world by standing up, sharing our experiences, and enforce change.

To join Isabelle in wearing The Stitch and being a voice, click here.