June 10, 2020

How to Have a Good Day, Even on Your Worst Day

Hey there friends! I am really excited to be sharing with you today. May was Mental Health Awareness Month and it’s pretty much like a month long celebration in my book. But just because May is over, doesn’t mean we have to stop talking about mental health or how to overcome those days that get to you. We can gain strength from each other’s stories, so let’s talk about it! Right now might not feel like a holiday to you, like it does for me. Maybe right now is actually really hard. Friend, I’m writing this for me and you. I believe in you. And today I want to talk to you about those bad days. Maybe there have been a lot of them and you’ve counted this as a bad season, or maybe, you just woke up to a funk. Either way- I’ve been trying out some tips I want to share to you. Because you are an amazing, wonderful, unique human who deserves joy. Here are some practical things that have helped me to have a good day, even on my worst days.

1. Get Outside!

First things first. Get out of bed (age old trick that works WONDERS) but also, get outside if you can! If it’s cold or rainy, maybe make it a drive, but if it’s nice, go catch some rays! There is mad science behind the benefits of the sun on our mood (Vitamin D anyone?!) and it’s crazy what some fresh air can do. I challenge you to take 3 really deep, really long breaths while staring at a pretty tree, or a blue sky, or whatever you love about nature. 

2. Write.

Maybe you’re thinking “Umm Kaycee…Im not a huge writer” that’s okay! Start with what feels okay to you. Maybe you’re not ready to process your emotions in a personal journal, but I bet you could write down three things that make you happy. Or how about a love letter to yourself? The story of the best day of your life? Or how you met your very best friend? Try writing something to get what’s in, out! 

BONUS: My personal favorite thing is to start my morning off with a list of burdens or stressors. I tend to wake up with the weight of the world on my shoulders, but I find that if I can write down all the things running around in my mind, the act of putting it on paper makes it seem more manageable. Even list out those lies or worries circling your head, and then look at those words for what they really are. They aren’t stopping you today!

3. Splurge

This one is going to look different for everyone, but for me it looks like an iced almond milk mocha when I usually buy an americano! What is a way you can treat yourself today and make it feel special? Maybe it’s driving an extra 10 minutes to your favorite hiking spot, buying yourself pretty flowers or ordering take out. Think of something that would add some joy to this day. 

4. Call someone you love

You’ve probably heard this tip before, but really, call someone you love. Tell them how you’re feeling and give them an opportunity to encourage you, or maybe just laugh and relive good memories! Whatever this looks like, make a connection, remind your mind that you are loved.

5. Sing or Dance (or both)

This may sound cheesy and like I’m asking you to be like Cameron Diaz in The Holiday (if you don’t know, go watch it). And yeah, I kinda am! There is a reason you see people in movies singing and dancing to express themselves- it can work! For me this usually looks like putting on the soundtrack to a musical and BELTING it way too hard. What a rush! 

I hope at least some of these tips help encourage you today. I know these won’t necessarily be a total fix for your life or your current circumstances.  I am not at all a licensed counselor, but I am someone in a similar boat who believes that even in the absolute worst times, there is room for joy. It will get better, trust me. I believe in you and can’t wait to chat again soon!