April 14, 2016

How Does Our Counseling Program Work?

How does our counseling program work?

I get asked this question a lot and I think it’s deserving of a bit more explanation.

At Speak Your Silence, we make in-person, one-on-one counseling accessible nationwide for those directly affected by child sexual abuse, regardless of their financial means.

I mentioned in this recent blog post that we’re partnered with a really amazing company, BPA Health, to offer this program.

We’re continually working to make the program better and better. And, we’ve always strived to make the process very, very non-threatening and warm, because seeking counseling is a big personal step.

Who’s it for?

1) Those who need financial assistance in order to get in to see a counselor, and

2) Those who can afford counseling on their own, but simply need a good referral

For those seeking financial assistance (counseling grants), we do require a per-session copay (paid directly to the counselor, not to SYS). So, while our counseling program is not free, we do make it accessible for people who could not otherwise afford it.

All counseling grants and referrals start with this confidential application on our website. From there, the applicant will soon hear from one of the awesome gals (a program specialist) on our team, who will remain as the point of contact throughout the experience, for the sake of privacy.

Once we’ve found a provider in the applicant’s area, we share the contact information with them so that they can set up an appointment.

There’s a little more to the process than this, but it really is pretty simple.  We were intentional in making it simple.  🙂

The bottom line is that we’ve worked really hard with the team at BPA Health to create a process that is non-intimidating, is warm, and will retain the highest number of applicants. We really want to see each person who comes to us for help to actually step foot in a counselor’s office and have truth spoken into their lives.

Here’s an important note: We find that, for some people, the (seemingly simple) act of applying for counseling on our website… is the most profound step toward healing that they’ve ever taken.

We have immense respect for this first big step and congratulate each individual who is so bold as to take it.  🙂


Just as my parents helped cover the cost of my counseling at a time when I couldn’t have afforded it, The Fam takes on this role for each person who comes to us for help.

Membership is $5+ per month and 100% funds counseling. You can join here.