October 2, 2021

Hi, nice to meet You!

Hey Y’all!

Happy Saturday!! It’s officially the weekend and I hope that you are taking the time to rest, recharge, and do something you enjoy!

If you remember, last week was very exciting and eventful for us! Matt announced that he was transitioning out and that I would be transitioning in as the executive director, which will become officially official come February 2, 2022!

I have had the pleasure of meeting some of you in person, either in Idaho or California, over the years, but there is a majority of you who I have not yet met. So, I wanted to send out a little something so that you can get to know the name behind the future emails, social media posts, and all things related to Speak Your Silence!

Ready to dive in?

I have been with Speak Your Silence for 3 and a half years, which is wild! It feels like I just yesterday, I was a nervous 26-year-old sitting down for a coffee interview with the honorary mayor of Boise, aka Matt (that’s what my friends and I call him because you can’t walk down the street without him knowing someone!) These last 3.5 years have been some of the most challenging, stretching, but rewarding years of my life and I am SO grateful for Matt and his whole family! I would have never thought that I would be here, writing this email and stepping into this role (all before 30!), but life loves to take twists and turns and I am along for the ride.

Although, I wasn’t born and raised in Idaho, I am absolutely an Idaho girl, which is fair in my mind considering that I moved here when I was 12. In the summer you can find me outside and soaking up the sunshine. Being on a boat and wake surfing is my favorite way to spend a sunny day, but I also love hopping on my bike and cruising on the greenbelt or taking my doggie, Mac, out for a hike or over to the river for a little dip, or letting my competitive side come out while I play volleyball until the sun sets. Wintertime comes around and when I am not working, there is a 98% chance that you can find me on the mountain. I am obsessed with snowboarding and the adrenaline that you get from racing down the mountain.

I love reading, learning and having thought provoking conversations. I love my family and friends deeply and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for them. Iced coffee and concerts bring me so much joy and going on random adventures fills me up! I am always listening to music and have a song picked out for every moment and occasion.

Fun fact: I am ALWAYS singing, doesn’t matter if I am happy, feeling overwhelmed, or even angry, I will always be humming or singing a little jingle (which I am sure gets on Matt’s nerves 😉 )

So, there you have it, a little glimpse of who I am! I can’t wait to get to know y’all and have you partner alongside myself and Speak Your Silence as we get ready to step into this new and exciting season! Keep your eyes open for another email coming your way next week. I am going to share with you more about the vision and ideas we have for Speak Your Silence!