February 2, 2016

Fun (And Busy!) Spring Ahead!

We have some fun stuff ahead this spring! I can’t wait to share about it with you!

In the mean time, we’ve had some awesome volunteers in here lately helping assemble and package The Stitch kits.

Have you ever wondered how we get the orange thread wrapped around the cards inside The Stitch kits?  We do it using a sewing machine + a homemade wood contraption my buddy created in his garage (thanks again, Ward!).

This seemingly insignificant piece of wood makes it possible to hold the card in place and spin it so that the thread winds around it. Otherwise, we’d be left having to manually spin thread by hand like we did back in the good ole days when The Stitch kit was brand new… which was completely ridiculous and took way (WAY!) too much time.  🙂

Anyway, a fun spring is just over the horizon! Hang tight and we’ll share all about it before long!

Until then, I need to stop writing this blog post and get back to work!