October 25, 2016

Friends and Giveaways!

Here at Speak Your Silence, we love making new friends. As we’ve been growing, we’ve been collaborating with a variety of different brands, but most importantly, we’ve been making friends with people who are making a lot of impact in the world.

One of these rad brands is Liquido Active, which we loved from the very beginning, not just because their products are top notch, but because they’re just great people. So we thought we’d introduce them!

Liquido makes uber fantastic yoga wear for both guys and gals. (We tried to get Matt in on this, but he still opts to do his no-hands-headstands in his blue jeans.)

Why do we love working with brands like Liquido? They believe in taking the road less traveled, pushing beyond comfort zones, and empowering people. Because, after all, staying comfortable typically doesn’t lead to true change.

These values are very much in line with our work at Speak Your Silence. In choosing to champion the cause of child sexual abuse, each of our supporters opts for a road less traveled – one that occasionally isn’t the most comfortable – empowers those around them, affirming their worth.

So, although Liquido and SYS work in different industries and have different missions, we share so many of the same values in answering the question of “why”.

Click here to enter our giveaway on Instagram for a chance to win a pair of their yoga pants and other goodies!