THis october, we turn 8!

Let’s help 1,000 people find freedom! Will you help?


Recently, we launched The 6 Steps to Freedom, which follow the exact steps that our founder, Matt, took in his own life a decade ago. Our goal is for 1,000 people to commit to taking the 6 Steps in the next year!

We’re going to plaster the town (Boise + anywhere our volunteers live!) with posters and postcards and launch new products promoting The 6 Steps, visit every school, church, and business that’ll let us share, enlist our ambassador group, and have our beloved VW bus hitting the streets!


To do this, we’re getting back to our roots and re-introducing an amazing group of supporters who have gotten Speak Your Silence through thick and thin since 2013: The Loudspeaker.

In order to help 1,000 people find freedom, we need 50 members of The Loudspeaker! Will you be one?

Loudspeaker Membership Commitment:

$1,000 per year in total donations and purchases




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