31 Days of Generosity


Our goal is simple: $2,000 of new monthly donations.

Our why is easy: This next year is going to be full of new and exciting things! We are going to get out into the community like never before and we will be busy creating two new programs that will gear specifically towards youth students and men, but we can’t do it alone! (This is where you come in!)

So how are going to make this happen? Easy, with the 31 Days of Generosity.

The idea behind the 31 Days of Generosity is this: Every day throughout the month of December we will be announcing a specific amount to commit to giving monthly which will increase by $5 every day. December 1st we are starting the monthly commitment at $10, then December 2nd it will increase to $15 a month and December 3rd it jumps to $20 a month. We could go on, but we think you get the idea! 😉 Once that day is over that amount is done for, so get signed up before the day is over!

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