To help those affected by sexual abuse and assault move forward to live great lives.

Currently, we’re elbows deep in an awesome project geared toward helping people move forward with their lives in a self-guided way and on an ongoing basis, allowing us to help people in more ways than strictly through our (awesome) counseling program. More to come on this soon!

Beyond this, in October we’re sending our rad Outreach Manager, Bridget, along with our promotional-outreach-pop-up-shop VW bus, “Vanna White,” from Boise to San Diego to reach more people with our mission (and to get into better winter weather)! In the past year, we’ve personally engaged with 20,000 people in front of our bus, which is pretty darn awesome.

We could definitely use your help getting Bridget and Vanna White rolling in San Diego! Thanks so much for helping us reach more people!

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