January 28, 2016

Constant Movement

I thrive on forward momentum. Who doesn’t?

At Speak Your Silence, we’re always looking to the future, on how we can continue to improve, on how we can make bigger and better impact, and on how we can make it easier and easier for you to be part of this.

A few months back, we expanded The Stitch into a clothing line. We’d seen that you guys really dig The Stitch. We figured this would be the case, but it actually turned out to be way cooler than we’d imagined at the beginning. We saw that each of you wear The Stitch for your own unique reasons and in your own unique ways.

Some of you wear The Stitch on your backpack, while others tattoo it permanently (seriously!). Some of you wear it to show support for people you love, while others wear it because you’ve finally found your own voice.

Each person’s story is super rad and powerful, and each makes impact in a way that no one else’s could. That’s my favorite part.  🙂

So, we launched The Stitch clothing line in the form of very simple, but very high quality pocket tees. We consulted with friends at TOMS and GAP and a few others, and created different styles and colors for men and women. Each and every shirt features The Stitch, which is hand-sewn into pocket.

So far, you seem to love the shirts as well! And, boy, am I happy about that (because they took a ton of work and thought to make sure they kick butt!)!  🙂

This spring is going to be no different. We have exciting things ahead and new inspirations to keep momentum moving forward.

We have big goals for 2016, with the bottom line being that we simply intend to reach more lives with our belief that each person innately possesses infinite worth.

There’s nothing more energizing than hearing stories from all of you who are changing lives, and whose lives are being changed. It fuels our tanks.

We love hearing from you, seeing your awesome posts using #TheStitch hashtag, and feeling the impact that you each are making in your own unique ways.

Thanks for being so awesome.  🙂