March 29, 2016

By Blessing Others, We Too Are Blessed

I’m reading this great book right now called “The Magic of Thinking Big”.

It’s a cheesy title, but those are always my favorites. Plus, it was written in 1959, so it gets a pass.  It’s a book about mindset, about expecting great things in life, about serving others, and just plain old living a great life.

Something struck to me today. I was reading a section about how building others up also builds us up. This is so true and it’s something I see all the time in what I do.

I will say I have a luxury in my job in that I get to access the best in people. Not everyone can say that about their job. But, it’s true. I get to see people’s generosity and sincerity, I get to see people who have little and yet give so much, I see those who choose to turn their hurt into deep, deep purpose, and I get to see people with gigantic hearts put those hearts to great use purely for the purpose of others.

It’s a pretty neat honor to witness, actually.

But, it always seems that those who give the most… are those who receive the most. This applies to those who give and are part of what we do on every single level – whether financially, with their time, or with simple actions. I perfect example, though, is those who buy into our cause by doing something so simply as wearing The Stitch.

The vast majority of people who wear The Stitch do so purely because they care and they want to be a voice for those who don’t have one.

But, it goes beyond this. When someone takes a simple yet meaningful action like this, it makes big impact in the lives of others, yes – and that is key to why The Stitch exists in the first place. But, there’s more – you see, what I see is that when someone wears The Stitch for someone they love, this person wearing The Stitch gains a sense of value and worth in that their role matters and is helping someone else.

By giving, they receive. By loving, they are loved. By building others up, they are built up.

I talk about this all the time, but our work at Speak Your Silence is squarely centered on the simple fact that we each possess innate infinite worth. And, if only we would all realize it.

When you take actions, backed by love, to be a blessing to others… you, in turn, are blessed.

By serving others, you have great purpose.

This is why I love old classic books. They point out timeless truths. Each of us has immense worth. And, when we choose to serve others and to love them where they’re at, we are blessed in the midst.


To wear The Stitch, click here.