January 26, 2016

Boldly Safe


Is there ever any better friend than one you feel safe around?

I don’t mean safe in the “don’t take risks” sort of way, but in the “I can share something really personal with you and know that you’ll honor it” sort of way.

These kinds of friendships can be challenging to come by – but, when you have one, you know it.

I’m always impressed by the people who make up our community of supporters. They’re some of the most loyal and genuine people on planet earth.

When someone wears The Stitch, what it tells me is that they have a big heart, they love people… and they’re bold.

In a sense, it seems a bit contradictory that the safest people… are actually the boldest. But, it’s true. This cause isn’t for the faint at heart.


Here’s a blog post about the power of being a friend.