March 14, 2017

Beautiful Photography + Yummy Cookies = Isabelle!

Beautiful photography + yummy cookies. These are two things we love*. (*My favorite is cookies though.)

We have some pretty special people who work behind the scenes to make Speak Your Silence what it is, and make it meaningful for each of our supporters. Isabelle Krake is one of the all-time greats!

Isabelle is one of those impressive young people who you look at and just know that she has awesome stuff ahead. She’s a rock star. When she was just 14, she had an idea to start a bakery. So, with encouragement and challenge from her parents, she created a business plan, pushed out a Kickstarter campaign, and raised $8,800 to start Boise’s Bakery (located within her mom, Gabrielle’s shop, Bee Wise Goods).

For the past 4 years, Isabelle has been running her own business, baking cookies, pastries, and all things mmmmmgoooooodddddd, which many of Speak Your Silence’s supporters and volunteers have had the opportunity to taste (WIN!!)!

Here’s a recent video of Isabelle sharing a “fluffy + soft cookie” recipe. 🙂

And Isabelle’s talents don’t end at baking amazing cookies. If you haven’t noticed, we like to use really beautiful photography – and we even brag about it, as you can see I’m doing right now! 🙂 This is because we have a couple amazing photographers who we love, one of whom is Isabelle-The-Incredible!

Well, just last week, Isabelle closed up shop at Boise’s Bakery because she’s going to head to college.  While attending college, she’ll continue to contribute to the (rad) quarterly magazine, Makers Unwound, which she and her mom first published late last year, featuring creative people in the Pacific Northwest.

Isabelle is such a special young gal and we’re just so excited for what’s ahead in her fantastic life to come.  🙂  So, while cookies go bye-bye (and Matt secretly cries large alligator tears), Isabelle will also continue to shoot photography for Speak Your Silence.  She turns 18 in a week and we couldn’t be more grateful for or proud of her!

On a separate note,  I think Isabelle may be the world’s youngest retiree – add that to her Wikipedia page.  🙂

Congrats and happy birthday, Isabelle! You’re the coolest. 🙂  Thanks for being such a neat part of Speak Your Silence’s story.


You can follow Isabelle and her photographic adventures at @isabellekrake .