May 17, 2017

An Idea That Will… Stick (pun very intended)

Behold! The newest member of our stitch zigzag product line: the stitch decal kit!  🙂

*everyone begins to slow clap (and then they don’t quite know when to stop)…*

It comes in it’s own unique packaging and each kit includes 5 vinyl die cut zigzag decals you can place on your car, laptop, bike, you name it!

As it turns out, these new decals look WAY better than the old stickers we used to have. For one, the die cut alone is a huge improvement. But, the color itself is so much better! I saw it on a car recently and it popped while looking super clean and nice. Yessss.

This may seem like the simplest product in the world, but like everything we do, we put a lot of thought into it. We wanted to make it fun and creative. And since the stitch DIY kits are matchboxes (a fun little flair), we thought the decal kit should be like a box of candy. Because… well, why not?!

And the decals themselves are just the right size that they’re strong enough to hold up during application and not fall apart or bend. And the color (orange is super tough to match) looks absolutely perfect in natural light!

I love how they turned out! Not everyone wants to sew the stitch into their clothes – it takes more time, for sure. Plus, the decal is such a clean way to champion this mission and get people to notice. 🙂 So, this removes yet another barrier and makes it all the easier for YOU to be part of this.

Your voice matters. 🙂



You can snag the new stitch decal hit here.