about speak your silence

Our mission is to help those affected by sexual abuse and assault move forward to live great lives.

We were founded in 2012 by a guy named Matt Pipkin. When Matt was 6, he was sexually abused by a trusted family friend. For the next 20 years, he carried the heavy burden of keeping his experience secret because he thought he was somehow at fault and it would devastate his family. In his mid-twenties, he finally shared his story with his family (who responded with nothing but love and support) and went to counseling. Matt's counselor changed his life by helping him recognize the lie he'd always believed about himself - that he was "bad" - and replace it with the truth: that he possessed innate, unchangeable value and worth.

It's really simple. At Speak Your Silence, we’re focused on helping others realize their innate value and worth so that they can take the necessary steps to move forward and live the great lives they were created to live.

You can help those you love by simply wearing our iconic orange zigzag - called "The Stitch" - which symbolizes your voice. It's typically the most subtle of gestures like this that make all the difference in helping people finally get their stories off their chest.

We're based in Boise, Idaho, and have a VW outreach bus that you might see our gal Bridget driving around town (really slowly) - we don't take ourselves very seriously. What fun would that be?

Meet the crew

  • Bridget Wiefels
    Executive Director
  • Matt Pipkin

You have a role to play.
Share your voice.
Get involved.

Currently, we’re elbows deeps in an awesome project geared toward helping people move forward with their lives in a self-guided way, allowing us to help people in more ways than strictly through our (awesome) counseling program. More to come on this soon!

In the mean time, you can seek counseling through us, read our blog, buy some of our sweet merch featuring our orange zigzag, or donate to support us with our upcoming endeavor!

Thanks so much for being part of this. 🙂 

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