December 21, 2019

2019 = Our Best Year Yet

Hey there, friend!

2019 = SYS’ most impactful year ever!

Our mission is to help those affected by sexual abuse and assault move forward to live great lives. And, this year, we were able to help WAY more people do this than in any previous years. #winning

(Here’s a story we love from our pal, Bradley.)

Quick highlights to get you up to speed:
1) We saw an uptick in the number of people coming to us for counseling than in previous years.
2) When we asked for more bloggers… we were inundated by more than 100 new contributors in the first week (WHOA!). And,
3) Our favorite 2019 stat: We had 20,000 in-person conversations with people from our outreach VW bus. That really fills our tank* (*best pun ever)!

Just as we’d hoped, our VW bus has made our cause approachable and uplifting, and has made really impactful conversations possible with a LOT of people who’ve needed exactly that.

We like to always be positive. And we’ve never been fans of asking for mula (fancy word for money). But, we could really use your help to keep this VW bus outreach program running like a top (another pun!) through 2020. For it to hit on all cylinders (and… another pun!), we need an additional $2,000/month in funding. So, if you’d like to a) give monthlyb) increase the amount already give monthly, or c) make a one-time donation, we’d be eternally grateful and maybe even pick you up in the bus when we see you hitch-hiking (maybe).

And if donating isn’t your thing, you can always buy some of our totally-sweet-totally-afforable-totally-the-best-ever swag*. (*Other people’s words, not ours, of course.)

Bottom line: To keep things rolling, we absolutely could use your help. (Sorry, I really need to pump the breaks on these ridiculous VW bus puns!)

– To donate monthly or one-time, click here!
– To increase your monthly giving, click here!
– And to buy some rad swag, click here!

Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas and a Hap-Hap-Happiest of New Years! 🙂


PS – I wonder if you caught all the VW bus puns that are in this blog. I really got some good mileage out of them. And I’m not even exhausted.