Be a (positive) voice

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Your voice has the power to give life to those who need it.


To give a voice to those affected by sexual abuse and assault.

The orange zigzag symbolizes your voice frequency. Wear it and be a voice for those you love.


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Meet Vanna White (ahem, the bus)

Our cause is personal and heavy to so many. So, Vanna White is our 1) injection of FUN and 2) down-to-earth way to reach people in REAL LIFE.

Vanna is based in Boise and makes it possible for us to reach 5,000 people every month! We partner with coffee shops, breweries, schools, you name it, to sell our merch and share our mission!

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Be a (positive) voice

In a world where there's a lot of anger and noise, you can be a hopeful voice that helps someone move forward with their life.

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