The Stitch

Why Do You Wear It?

There are an estimated 39 million adult survivors of child sexual abuse in the US alone.  Most will never tell a soul.

“The Stitch” zigzag symbolizes your unique voice frequency.

By wearing it, you become a voice that can help move the issue of child sexual abuse from a taboo to a cause people love and support.

The Stitch Kit

Wear Your Voice

1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused prior to the age of 18.

When you wear “The Stitch,” each conversation you spark carries the power to transform the life of someone you love and break the stigma of child sexual abuse.

Get “The Stitch” kit and share why you wear it.


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100% of public donations + profits from The Stitch fund in-person, one-on-one counseling nationwide for those personally affected by child sexual abuse.

Want to give The Stitch kit to each guest at your house party, conference, or special event?  Contact us at for custom orders.

Our Impact

In addition to the one-on-one impact that has already been made by each person who is wearing The Stitch, in our short history, we have now funded over 500 counseling sessions for individuals in 20 states!

Thank you for making this all possible.



Discover your voice and innate value.

Matt’s life was transformed through counseling. Therefore, we make in-person, one-on-one counseling accessible for those personally affected by child sexual abuse anywhere in the US, regardless of their location.

How it works

We are partnered with Business Psychology Associates to create a world-class counseling program comprised of a nationwide network of highly credentialed and qualified professional counselors. This partnership makes it possible for anyone directly affected by child sexual abuse to access in-person, one-on-one counseling anywhere in the US.

For general inquiries, please contact us at

About Us

Speak Your Silence is a nonprofit on a mission to conquer the stigma of child sexual abuse.

We were founded in late 2012 by Matt Pipkin, who was sexually abused by a family friend at age 6 and kept it secret for twenty years due to fear, shame, and guilt.

Matt’s life was finally changed a few years ago when he was surrounded by love from his family and friends, and realized just how innately valuable he truly is.

By wearing “The Stitch”, we transform the lives of those we love + protect future generations.


Matt Age 6


Matt Nowadays

Our Team

Matt Pipkin


Matt Pipkin is the founder and CEO of Speak Your Silence. He attended Purdue University, and additionally spent two terms abroad, attending American InterContinental University London and Dublin Institute of Technology. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Consumer and Family Science in 2007 from Purdue University.

Matt has enormous vision, thrives on challenge, and is a product of the recession, giving him a knack for making big impact using limited resources. He’s never met a stranger, is an engaging speaker and strategic thinker, and he demands excellence in the finest of details.

Matt and his spunky and supportive wife, Ashley, live in the heart of downtown Boise, Idaho. They have a cat, Dennis, who thinks he’s better than them.

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Funding Model

100% of public donations + profits from The Stitch fund our counseling program.

Our people and overhead are funded entirely by members of what we lovingly call The Loudspeaker. This exclusive membership-based group of private donors and partners invests in us personally so we can hire the most talented and passionate people, grow the reach and impact of The Stitch, have an office we call home, and always have fresh coffee (inspiration) brewing.

For general inquiries, please contact us at

Founding Members

Cody Allyn Brinkerhoff

Honorary First Founding Member

RV & Amy Brinkerhoff

In Loving Memory of Their Son, Cody Allyn Brinkerhoff

Chet & Suzi Pipkin

Henry & Sarah Woodley

Matt & Alicia Ward

Reid & Camille Young

Sandi Obendorf

Josh & Rebekah Obendorf

Liz Thompson

Kris & Mandy Haynes

Timothy & Jessie Bryant

Carey & Daphne McNeal

Erika Greene

In Loving Memory of Lisa Greene

Scott & Rochelle Lamm

Paul & Gabrielle Krake

Becky Jackson

Justin & Renae McCullough

Kirsten Forrest

Scott & Shannon Austin

Swede & Chris Siverson

Darcy & Bob Bingham

David & Carol-Beth Scott

Taylor Kalander

Crystal Jo Cochell & Collette Joy Larson Benson

Jamie Lovett

Dr. Mark & Lana Hollingshead

Melanie Scott

In celebrating 2 years since our founding, we formalized a private group of friends who’ve kept our lights on, funded The Stitch, and multiplied our impact. We’ve dubbed them “The Loudspeaker“.

Meet our first Founding Members, listed above.
 Membership Commitment: $100+/month for 2 years
*Availability limited to 30 Founding Memberships; one for each link of The Stitch.

The Fam


COUNSELING: Changed our founder Matt’s life a few years back.

MATT’S FAMILY: Helped him cover the cost when he could not have otherwise afforded it.

THE FAM: A group of individuals with big hearts who invest in changing lives one conversation at a time, just like Matt’s family did. In our first two years, we funded 500 total counseling sessions; but there’s still a waitlist. We want to do in one year what we just did in two.

MEMBERSHIP: $5+ per month.

$5 per month = 1 session funded per year

I’d prefer to give upfront annually
OUR GOAL: 170 more!
  • Kris & Mandy Haynes
  • Jill Poulsen
  • Lynn Weber-Loe
  • RV & Amy Brinkerhoff
  • Chet & Suzi Pipkin
  • Greta Pipkin
  • Jen Tallon
  • Paul & Gabrielle Krake
  • Steven & Megan Thurow
  • Ashley Pipkin
  • Matt Pipkin
  • Tracey Presler
  • Dick and Suzanne
  • Joe and Diana Shafer
  • jacqueline alicia ramirez
  • Travis & Ashley Gingrich
  • Jennifer Quinn
  • Ashley
  • Elton Kelly and Holly Hudson
  • Rachel Morrow
  • Ben and Nicole Coon
  • The Mendiola Family
  • Kristine Hamilton
  • Lois Hamilton
  • Sarah Salisbury
  • Stacie Chang
  • Tomasini
  • suzi pipkin
  • MV Maddux
  • be the change boutique
  • Beth Peace
  • Scot and Liane Eastman
  • Gary and Ronda Seward
  • Michael and Melodye Kamplain
  • D. Naomi Johnson
  • Jimmie & Roy Napper
  • Randy Napper
  • Laura Keane
  • Taylor Kalander
  • Melissa Davis
  • Karissa Patterson
  • Tommy Quinn
  • David and Haley Chamberlain
  • Ben Kerner
  • Anna Bennett
  • Jenny VanHousen
  • Rock and Terry Brown
  • Shawn Surber
  • Shawna Cantrall
  • Damaris Baden
  • Hilary Trappett
  • Cutina & Jeff Weeks
  • Amy Campbell
  • Brandon 'Born Again Fitness' Jenkins
  • Megan Bryant
  • Sarah Bassett
  • Matt Bassett
  • Dan and Sally VanderVeen
  • Cindy Gassen
  • Teresa Shackelford & Mike Jewell
  • Stacy Eastman
  • Kim McKinstry
  • Anna Snyder
  • Shenna Tabbutt
  • Jean Schilling
  • Kelli Hanson
  • Linda Ellis
  • Bobby & Sheri Conway
  • Family & F.I.T. LLC
  • Christine Bruneau
  • Brina & Ed Jensen
  • Stacey Lahr
  • Emily Brown
  • Detective Daren Taber and Family
  • Tobe Brockner
  • Sandi Obendorf
  • McKarcher Family
  • Allison L. Gunn
  • Jed Splittgerber
  • Celeste Dimas
  • Brenda Szczublewski
  • Tammie Eslinger
  • Jacob Mulkey
  • Gary & Nancie Lannon
  • Michelle Parker
  • Chris Fairchild
  • Sara Bartles
  • Mario Aguilar Jr.
  • Lisa D. Jenkins
  • Hurlburt Family
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  • The Parkers
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  • Linda & JB Williamson
  • Amy Bloomquist
  • Zach Johnson
  • David and Lou Taylor
  • Julie Chigbrow
  • Rich & Cassie Reavis
  • Kourtney De Vos
  • Jeanette and Michael Miller
  • Mark and Laura Benson
  • Alex and Dawn Sommers
  • Kelsey Koch
  • Bree Spencer
  • Tasha Sargent
  • Marvaline
  • Sarah Woodley
  • Sue
  • Reid & Jessica Sandros
  • Tori Morris
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  • Tracy Stanton
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  • Rebekah Hope
  • Scott and Rachel Bramhall
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