Your Voice Matters.

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Silence destroys. Your voice restores.

Our Mission

To inspire people to prevent sexual abuse and
assault by sharing their voice for those affected.

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"Speak Your Silence gave me a voice that saved my life."

- Jireh

“I will recommend SYS to everyone for the rest of my life. Your help and understanding saved my life.”

- Melissa

Our Roots

Our founder Matt was sexually abused and kept it secret for years due to guilt, fear, and shame. His life was transformed when he told his story and realized his innate worth.

Share Your Voice

WEAR it.
DISPLAY it on your ride.
SHARE it online.
/\/\/\ #speakyoursilence

By sharing your voice, you deliver hope.

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The Choice Is Ours

We can be silent and let the problem continue. Or, we can be a voice to prevent it and restore lives.